Get My IP 2.0

SEOCLICK offers free tool to Get my IP address free over all Microsoft Windows OS such Win 7, Vista, Win XP, 98 etc. IP (Internet Protocol) is an address provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider) to your Computer's NIC.

Get My IP 2.0

Users who are using Internet on their Computer, they obviously have problems while using internet to know their IP Address which is given by Internet Service Provider. If you are using Microsoft Operating System, now no need to worry for knowing IP address. SEOCLICK has free desktop utility which to see IP Address of your Computer with. The manually process is like this firstly we click on Network Place icon then go to their property after that see your Local Area connection icon or click property choose general tab select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) option then open property & see your IP address. If ISP provider is set manually IP in PC then you can see. If ISP is given you automatically IP address for your Computer then you see in your notification area Local Area Connection Icon just single click on that icon then open a mini page just click support option & details now can see your all information of your IP address.

SEOCLICK brought you software which is easy & simple to use for installing & working as well. Suppose you have got an IP address from ISP your IP is of class C as then you have problem that how I can see my IP Address. So just go to SEOCLICK website & free download get IP address free tool. After download, install this free utility & see your IP Address. In the nutshell SEOCLICK Show My IP address free desktop utility is proficient and reliable for using to all users and get my IP address FREE.


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